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NES Jared... The Subway Guy!!


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came across this article the other day

While speaking at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, Fogle said that the reason his weight ballooned up to 425 lbs. at its greatest was because of what he calls "the best birthday present of my life: a Nintendo." Fogle reportedly had also mastered one-hand control of games, as he says he generally had one hand on the NES controller and one hand in a bag of chips.
Whatta lazy idiot. I havenow lost all respect for this man, Blaming the fact that he couldnt get off his rear because of videogames...

Ive been playing since somewhere around 1983 (5 years old) and sure I wasnt thin, but I never got to be 425 lbs. Right now Im at the heaviest I have ever been, and its not because of videogames, its because I have a bad back and knees.

Also, I guess he never had the 'power pad'... he coulda had both hands free, and been dual fisting his mouth... he might reached 600+...


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Ok what a putz...Just put the twinkie down and go and get on a treddmill you pudgy bastard..

Well if he can say that abought V.games can I blame Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler for giveing me carpaltunnel?:-o :lol: :D
If so who can i sue or be on their tv add so I can get some money too...
Next time try some exercise!!
Put the twinkie down!


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Just another person trying to push off the blame onto someone/something else instead of having to accept responsibility for their own actions.


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Nightsurfer said:
Ok what a putz...Just put the twinkie down and go and get on a treddmill you pudgy bastard..

Haha, If the fat bastard had a power pad mabey he wouldn't be the size of a goddamn whale! Now I would blame subway. NES doesn't make you gain weight
he made himeself gain weight so he could sue Nintendo for more money,Thats my guess anyway.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't think he did it purposly to sue Nintendo. He had to find a reason to explain how he had become extremely obese, and the first (or most recognizable) cmpany he could think of was Nintendo because he wasted most of his life in front of one instead of outside doing somehting productive with his sad, worthless life. I hate people like that.