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Wii Japnese wii working in England


New Member
Hi! I'm new to the forums and I was wondering if:

1. The Japanese wii will be able to work in England without an adaptor.

2. will English games work on it?

I ask this because I heard they're cheaper over there.
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Staff member
Well, I imagine you'd need a power converter for sure. As for video standards, I'm not sure of the English video standards but I know they are different.

Why not just buy a Wii in England?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
You'd need a mod chip, which we can't help you with here. The most I'll say is that they're not hard to find.

Japan, North America, and Europe have separate encoding to keep from this very thing happening. Plus, all of your system information, menus, and everything will be in Japanese. Just pick up a PAL (European) one. It's not worth the trouble to convert it.