Japanese Videogames are Sickeningly Hard


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Vincent Valentine posted this in another thread but I thought it deserved it's own thread.

This is a level in a Japanese arcade type game.

It looks like tripping on ecstasy is a requirement for being able to play this game.

YouTube - MUSHIHIMESAMA FUTARI Ver.1.5 stage 5 boss[ultra]

Feel free to post other insane Japanese videogame videos here as well.


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Japenese Video Games

That is one of the koolest video games ever created that video is insane i really need to get that game it looks so sweet i wonder what its for though i couldnt really tell from the video.:nod::nod::nod:


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like I said before in response to this video, that's looks ridiculously hard, I really don't think that it looks humanly possible but apparently it is.


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It doesn't even look like fun, but I guess everyone enjoys a different cup of tea, eh?


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There was a demo I played forever ago back when the PS2 first came out. The whole concept of the game was you were a mosquito and you had to get so much blood in a short time frame.

the target in the demo was a girl that was supposed to be taking a nap... she'd toss and turn and you had to land just perfectly otherwise she'd wake up and smack you... once you landed you had to push a long sequence of button combo's to get the right nose penetration +sucking power without waking her up...

if you did wake her up it was like playing starfox 64 on that water planet level... very difficult flying and dodging!


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There's so much shit on the screen I can't even tell what's going on. Doesn't look like much fun.


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There's so much shit on the screen I can't even tell what's going on. Doesn't look like much fun.
well obviously you do have to remember that japanese videogames are always harder, I can't remember which game it was but the original version of the game was much harder in Japan then the game ever was here in america because it was so hard.

i think that for the mots part japanese people are just better at the fast paced extremely hard games than americans.