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Jamie Keyes (not) future endeavored


Lion Rampant
rajah.com said:
After being eliminated from NXT last week, Jamie Keyes was released from her developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, reports PWI.

The company signed her to the contract earlier this year after reportedly viewing her promotional pictures for the all-women's wrestling promotion Wrestlicious. She served as the ring[COLOR=red ! important][COLOR=red ! important][COLOR=red ! important][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] announcer for the second season of NXT before taking part in the third season as a competitor.
Bad mic skills, no discernable gift for wrestling, desert rat meth head looks... honestly, I don't know how this girl ever made it on TV in the first place. She must give a wicked slobberknocker, or something. Is there anyone here who, as a fan that cares about fed product quality, isn't happy and relieved that she's cut?

Don't get me wrong; I wish the girl all success in life. I just hope she can deliver the line, "Want fries with that?"
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I ♥ Haters
I don't like any of the girls on NXT Season 3 except for Naomi. She's the ONLY reason I will occasionally tune in and watch it. The rest of them are skanks. For once Michael Cole was right. NXT 3 sucks. Whatever, I'm not too sad about Jamie, who cares? TNA or some other promotion will probably pick her up.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I actually like AJ, Naomi and Kaitlyn in this season of NXT.

I think Aksana would be fine as a manager. (I mean, she is engaged to Goldust now, LOL). Happy that Jamie is GONE, she sucked. And Maxine I find hot for some reason...can't put my finger on it. I don't know her wrestling skills though.