James "Whitey" Bulger


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Growing up in boston, I have always heard many stories about Whitey Bulger. I listen intently when ever the news reports something about "him". Like how he supposedly has been spotted in Sicily, but then a couple of months after tht was seen in California walking out of a movie theater after seeing The Departed. I am starting to believe that this man will never be found. He is probably not in the country and no where near it. And for all we know, he might not even still be alive (but it will take another 10 to 20 years before the FBI starts suggesting that). Its like yeah, it would be great if he was found, since he is in the top 10 list of the FBI's most wanted. But they probably have as much of a chance of finding him as they do of finding Bin Laden.

Well last night, a telephone recording was released of what is supposed to be a conversation between Bulger and someone else. The FBI is hoping that someone will recognize his "distinct" voice and tell where his is. I'm sorry, but listening to that recording, it sounds like almost any other Bostonian from southie. It could even be his brother, Billy Bulger.

I'm not saying that the FBI should give up, but I think that they should lay off on the "pictures" "spottings" and "recordings" of Bulger for a while. Its just going to make a criminal happy to know that this is going on


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If they keep his name in the media, then he keeps running. What this does is allows him to mak mistakes, and that is where the feds will catch him. Eventually he'll make one big mistake and the feds will be knocking down his door and sending him to PMITA prison.