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James Bond


Registered Member
There have been many people who have played Bond over the years. It is arguable as to which is the best but that is not what I would like to bring up. I would like to discuss the character of James Bond.

Bond himself is present as a well spoken, dapper British gent who always gets the job done. Feared by his enemies, loved by women and an all around decent chap fighting for king (or queen) and country, hazar! But really he is not a nice person. If you think of him in terms of his entire span he is a huge misogynist who will sleep with any woman willing to sleep with him and will move onto his next conquest. I once joked that I would like to see a meeting of all the women he has loved and left. I bet they would not be happy.

It is also not really established where he lives, what his net worth is, what he does in-between missions and if he is deep down a good guy. In your opinion do you consider him to be? If he was a real man would you date him or let someone you know date him?

As much as I like some of his films he doesn't seem someone I would actually like.


Registered Member
It's fantasy. It's not supposed to be a representation that extends too far off the screen.

Seriously don't know what else to say.

I find it odd though that people even debate what Bond is the best, in part because that assumes an idea that it's "supposed" to be when really, I just want to see a good film done well and that I like.

I like The Living Daylights with Dalton as the single best movie in the entire series.

That shows how far out of the "Bond Box" I'm willing to go and therefore how little the concept as a whole is important compared to just seeing a movie that I just plain like.


Registered Member
I understand what you are getting at NGP, to be honest I am of a similar thinking in terms of comparisons. I am not even that big a fan of films. I find them cheesy, unrealistic and at times far to complicated for their own good but it may simply be I am not the target audience.
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