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Jamarcus Russell


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Is number one pick Jamarcus Russell gonna be any good in the 2008 season?


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I doubt it, he's already missed all of camp and preseason games. He needs that work in to be an effective player in the NFL in his rookie season. We won't hear much from him until next season. He just gave up one season as a possible starter just because he wanted to be greedy.


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He has bust written all over him.

So has he not even signed yet? I hate how rookies think they deserve a certain amount of money without ever having played a down in the NFL. I don't know why the NFL doesn't have set salaries for rookies based on draft pick like the NBA does. Then there's no fucking negotiations. You get drafted here, you get paid this amount. Done.


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If they had that rule then he probably would have been more excited to get the max pay available to him instead of thinking he should be getting more.

Same thing happened with Eric Crouch a few years ago from the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He went to the Rams and the Packers, crying both times about how he wanted to play QB. Well he was a small dude and survived college ball by running instead of throwing. That obviously wouldn't work in the NFL. QB's just don't get touchdowns and he didn't want to accept that.

Now he plays for a Canadian team and nobody has heard his name in the US since, except when making fun of him like I am now. Big oops if you ask me.

Same thing could happen with Russell. We will see. Hopefully he gets a glimpse of the big picture and accepts the fact that rookies are pretty much just that in the NFL. Rookies are like Freshmen. They need to get their ego's beat out of them in a few games in order for them to start getting serious about the game.


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He wants $40 Million in guaranteed money... Which is why Culpepper will be the starter for the Raiders this year. No team will pay Russell that much money when hes never played a down in the NFL. Hes the only unsigned pick... Jets got their guy last night.