Jake Roberts drugged?


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I dont know whether to believe this or not or if I should have even posted it or not. Oh well, here ya go.

This weekend, a video surfaced on YouTube showing Jake Roberts clearly intoxicated while appearing at an indy show for Firestorm Pro Wrestling in Lakewood, Ohio last week. Roberts was shown cutting an incoherant promo before a sloppy match with local worker JT Lightning. Jake's assistant Shannon has released the following statement, claiming that Jake was actually drugged (by someone else). Here is the official statement:

Jake was booked at a show this weekend in Cleveland. He went to this show, doing a live interview earlier in the morning for the promotion, that by all reports went very smoothly. His appearance at the show did not.
Before I tell you what I know about what happened to him at the show, and that knowledge is very limited, I was not there, I will tell you this. Jake's behavior would normally be construed as completely unacceptible. I understand from the promoter that he spend endless time wandering back and forth to the bar. Jake took his rehab from the WWE very seriously, and has not done such a thing in months, so this behavior made me really scratch my head as to the REASON. My sincere apologies go out to JC, the over the top kind natured promoter who did nothing to deserve this, and has been nothing but kind to Jake, and by association, myself as well. My sincere apologies to the fine fans of Cleveland, you did not deserve this at all.

That for this, again. Jake was given an open container of what he was told was a cold drink. That happened when he got to the venue. He remembers nothing between that time, and the time he woke up the next morning in the motel, alone, beaten, injured. I had a really fun time getting him back on the same page, by phone, to just get him to the airport to try to get back home. It was a constant string of conversation just to get him to MOVE. This is not how he behaves ever. On his worst days, Jake has always had total recall.

Jake was drugged. He has been home since Saturday afternoon about 4:30PM and up until last night about 8:30PM, had not eaten or slept. His standard answer for everything the last two days has been "I don't know."
That is the other side of the story, folks, believe it or not, it is certainly your choice. I'm dealing with the guy they sent home, and folks, it is frightening to both me, and to him, and really not much fun. To the guy's that did this, and I say this often when confronted with sub-human behavior, something I see far too often I'm sorry to say, God's a funny guy. You'll get yours, I have no doubt at all.

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Shannon, Jake's assistant
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Here's the video:

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I personally don't believe it, he probably was drunk like he always is. But I might be wrong on the whole situation, but I wouldn't be surprise if I am right. We've seen Jake Roberts drunk many times on live events when it concerns the Wrestling business.


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I like Jake but its hard for me to believe this as well. Who drugged him? Jake Roberts did...I bet.

He went to rehab a while back and WWE paid for it and everyone thought he was clean...I dont know what to believe.