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MLB Jake Peavy' intensity


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm not sure if you ever seen Jake Peavy throw, but a lot of times he'll get mad at himself if he makes a bad pitch or a runner gets on. What he usually does his hit glove in disgust, scream some things out, ect. It's not the extreme level of what Romero used to do.

What are your thoughts when you see something like that? No big deal? He knows that can do better? You think he should control his temper a bit more?

I guess that depends on the identity you wanna give your team and also your perspective on the whole matter. You look at it the good way and you say that Jake Peavy is dedicated to make his team win and he's one helluva competitor, just like Brett Lawrie is in Toronto. You look at it on the wrong side and you might think that this could affect his confidence and his focus if he gets in a tough streak. But the way I see it, I'm not worried. I think Peavy is way tougher mentally than Romero is.