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Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
While FC was down I decided to put my but into gear and try out some new styles with sigs. I didn't forget your sig by the way Corona, I still gotta get some of it's effects right >.>; Anyway I made this set from one of my favorite game series, which of course would be the Jak n Daxter one^-^

This sig is simple, not even ten layers if you don't count the text and all, but it looks so much in depth. Tell you guys opinion of it ok?:



Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Hmm....if you don't notice what I did to it Alex^-^ It's not that simple as you think to get a look like that, but it is simple enough if your familiar with PS and making sure you want your stuff right. Here is what I actually did:

-I added shadows around his face and right side of his neck
-Changed his eye color from a shade of light blue to one of slight purple
-That was one render that I had to change the position of like 4 times to get that result and then changed the color of it(it was once yellow and red)
-I took out the light on his left side with a little blurring and the simple effect of soft light!
-The lighting on the render was already there >.>;
-Oh and I used the black airbrush on the left side to knock some of that side's render out!

Oh yeah...and I just added the text to top it off^^