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PlayStation 2 Jak talk


Registered Member
talk about any of the games. what you liked and what you dislliked about them. discuss any point of the games.

In my opinion, it's on of the best series of games ever to hit the PS2 :D .

You could probably figure that would be my response just by looking at my name and avitar :nod:.


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jak 3 final boss was [email protected]. one of the best bosses evr i think. :nod: the desert shootouts in the armored vehicles were crazy awesome, too. Overall, the games were very cinematic, which made em really fun to play. Pretty hard games, too, which is good


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It's a great series. Jak X is my favorite, though, for the multiplayer. I just can't get enough of it.

Jak and Daxter is my second favorite. Sure, Jak 2 and Jak 3 are "cool" but they lack the feeling of this game. I played through it a lot.

Third favorite is Jak 2... I really have no special feelings on this game. It's better than Jak 3, though.

Last, but not... well, it IS least, Jak 3. Yes, good, but far too short and easy.

Daxter would be between Jak and Daxter and Jak 2, but that's for the PSP so I won't elaborate.