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Jade Goody dies on Mother's Day


Sally Twit
Jade Goody - Telegraph

She put up a good fight with her cancer battle but sadly passed away this morning in her sleep.
Since being diagnosed with cervical cancer she has encouraged other young women to get tested for the disease.

R.I.P Jade.


Boom Boom Pow!
I'm genuinely saddened by her story. She still had a lot of life left in her and she had a young family too. :(

R.I.P Jade.


Registered Member
It is truly awful, God Love her.
A young girl like that and a Mother of two little boys. :shake:
Thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to them all. x


Sally Twit
I know there will be negative people who will say "Why feel sorry for her?" etc. but at the end of the day she was a human being. She had feelings and people obviously cared about her otherwise she wouldn't have been so popular.

I watched her wedding on the TV and it literally made me cry. She was telling her family and friends she didn't want to leave them.
She was a good person at heart and I feel very sad for her young sons.


Ms. Malone
Then can i be the first to say that i feel more sorry for her sons than i do her?

While no one really deserves to die like that, she's only famous for going on Big Brother and being a gobby cow, then going on Celeb Big Bro and branded a racist-and finally going on yet another BB and being told she has cervical cancer. What has she really accomplished in her life besides becoming a mother?

Not only that but everyone is making her out to be like freaking Mother Teresa because she raised awareness about cervical cancer-women have been trying to do that for years-and i didn't see her giving a percentage of her millions that she's made over the last few months to any cancer realted charities.

I hate to put a bad spin on what is supposed to be a nice thread; but she's not everything the news has made her out to be. I do hope, however, that her poor boys can go on with their lives.


Sally Twit
If you had children and you knew you were going to die soon I'm sure you'd do what you could to make sure they had happy and secure lives.
She may well have given some of her money to a cancer charity and just not publicly announced it.
I don't blame her for the way her money was raised - the people that should be blamed are the people that wanted to follow her life story. All she wanted to do with her last remaining months was make sure her boys were happy.

Good on her I say.


At least Jade passed away peacefully. Her family and friends who supported her will be grieving especially her sons she left behind. My prayers are with them.


Registered Member
Probably going to sound ignorant, but I don't know who she is.

But whoever she is, when you leave behind children it's always tragic.

Natashia Richardson just died and she also left behind her two boys and a husband who adored her.

Said... very very sad.


Endangered Species
Im not going to lie; I could not stand the woman.

I will say though is it is a shame someone has to die so young to raise awareness of cervical cancer, I suppose if her death can save others then her infamy is not relevant.

ILOVEUSA911; said:
Probably going to sound ignorant, but I don't know who she is.
There is no reason for you or anybody else to know her really. She was a nobody who had risen to fame through being an obnoxious and controversial character on fly-on-the-wall reality TV show Big Brother.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I had several UK gossip mags sent to me at the time she was famous and was one every issue, so her name is familiar.

She's so young. *sigh* I bet her death made a lot of young women have a check up for cervical cancer. I probably should look into it too (that and mammogram).

I feel sad for her kids and her one month old marriage.