Jackson Notches 900th Win In Impressive Fashion

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Fresh, Jan 8, 2007.

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    He's arguably the best coach of all time in the NBA him or Red Auerbach. The things he has done as a coach is remarkable. Yes he had good players play for him, but you still need to control to players, and make them play together to win championships and that's what he has done. The thing he's doing with the Lakers this season is remarkable as well. I didn't expect that when the season started.
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    Red is the best coach, and he always will be but Jackson will always remain the best Laker coach and second in the NBA. His winning streak is awsome, he is a brilliant and a bright coach. I can't read the article because I am not signed up. After Jackson retires, there will never be a coach that can replace him. Jackson is the best coach Lakers can have.
  4. kobedaman24

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    Congrads to Jackson.

    P.S It would have taken him less games to get there if he would have coached that one season..!
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    You can never say never Alex, but I have to agree with you. I doubt there will ever be another coahc like Phil Jackson, or coach at the same level he's coached for so many years. Plus your right Kobe, he's be closer to a 1000 wins right now if he hadn't sat out that time. The way he's coaching right now he'll definitly reach it.
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    very impressive.
    i believe that jackson is the best coach in nba history. he can make a team like bobcats like a decent team like the pacers in one season. look what he did with the lakers. who thought they would be in the western confrence semis vs the suns last season?? im telling...its all jackson.
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    Another announcement:

    Kobe Bryant scored his 18,000th point against the Bobcats on Friday. He is recorded as the youngest one to set this record.

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