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Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Apr 2, 2007.

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    SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – April 2, 2007 – Phil Jackson, who led the Lakers and Bulls to a record nine NBA titles, the 1966 NCAA Champions from Texas Western, University of North Carolina Coach Roy Williams, four time WNBA Championship coach Van Chancellor, referee Mendy Rudolph and international coaches Fedro Ferrandiz and Mirko Novosel were announced today as the newest members of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2007. The announcement was made today in Atlanta, Georgia, site of the 2007 NCAA Men’s Final Four. Jackson and Texas Western were elected in their first year of consideration for election into the Hall of Fame. Novosel, Rudolph and Williams were first-time Finalists this year who had previously been reviewed by Screening Committees. Chancellor and Ferrandiz had been named Finalists in prior years.


  2. Celtic Fan

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    I have no problem with Phil going to the Hall.
    2 Foreign coaches were?!?!!

    it's like I read at cnnsi or espn, Most voters don't know or haven't seen the foreign coaches and only go by numbers. Meanwhile they all know and see the NBA coaches and have had 10-15 years to disect their imperfections.
  3. Fresh

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    Im sure we all saw this coming it was just a matter of time. Congradulations to Phil Jackson and the rest of the inductees.
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    There's no arguments on my part that Jackson got elected to go in the Hall of Fame, he's arguably the best coach of all time. I also agree that Roy Williams got selected he helped a lot of kids in developping their game, and making them ready for the NBA. But I don't know if he would of got elected if he didn't win a NCAA championship. But I am really disapointed that Dick Vitale didn't make it he's one of the best announcers in my book.
  5. andrew_bishop

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    It's about time that Jackson got in. I think that he thee best coach of all time and he deserves to be in the hall. Way to go and to the others , I didn't hear a lot about them but im sure they helped the game in some form or another but yeah congrads to Phil on getting in.
  6. Celtic Fan

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    actually Andrew, this was the first year he was elligble based on the HOF requirements.
    so you can't say it's about time, he's a first ballot HOF'er :D
  7. andrew_bishop

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    Oh my bad haha. Well its well deserved none the less.
  8. Xepa

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    Tex Winter should be in the Hall as well..::nodds head in disbelief::

    Just my .02

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