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TV Jackass' Ryan Dunn Dies


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Wouldn't be surprised if alcohol was the main reason for this accident, especially after seen that picture of them drinking.

None the less, this is terrible news. I'm not a Jackass fan either, but I know who this guy is.



I ♥ Haters
I read about this earlier today and it's quite sad. The crash was so bad that they had to identify Ryan by his tattoos (and there's like nothing left of the car). It's very horrific. :(

My condolences to his friends and family.


Registered Member
This is the article I saw when I opened my homepage this morning. The car- well, there's not a car left! Oh damn, it's a crumpled mess, and this article says speed was partly to blame.
I watched the first Jackass and laughed, and my son has all the DVDs of the Jackass movies, he really likes them. I wasn't as big a fan as he is, but nonetheless, they made some great shows and this is a tragedy.
They did some stuff on that show tho---wowie, I wouldn't let the neighbor's dog do.

'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn, 34, Dies in Car Crash | PopEater.com


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Just sad to see someone go that young in any sense, he was a really funny dude. I hate to see that alcohol might have been involved; just adds more sadness to it all.


Registered Member
If alcohol/excessive speeding were involved, then I'm glad nobody else was hurt, but have little remorse for these two. They endangered their own lives - but even more than that, recklessly endangered the lives of several others.


Even if he puts himself into situations in which he could be killed this is still a sad day. Big fan of Jackass.


Registered Member
I had seen this on CNN a little before 11 this morning and it was sad. There are rumors going around the internet that this is a hoax but I highly doubt it. It's obvious drinking and driving is the main factor. I'm surprised no one posted the pictures that were posted a couple of hours before his death.


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When I heard about his death this morning, I was gutted. I absolutely adore Ryan Dunn and he is one of my favorite people. Definitely will be missed.
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