Jack Thompson Challenges Fake Samuel L. Jackson to Debate


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Jack Thompson Challenges Fake Samuel L. Jackson to Debate

Samuel L. Jackson isn't only a fine actor, but a gamer. He's one of us. What does he think of NIU tragedy? No clue. But what does FAKE Sam Jackson think about it? He's a pissed off motherfucker. Over on News Groper, which clearly states "These Blogs Are Not Real," the phony Samuel L. Jackson blogs:

And I was also fucking amazed when I read about Christian conservative attorney Jack Thompson blaming all this shooting shit on video games again, like there ain't no other possible got-damn reason on God's green earth for a motherfucker to go batshit and blow away another person. Jack Thompson's letter to the Northern Illinois University president is a laugh-riot. I'm assuming Jack Thompson isn't related to Eric "Don't Call Me Lance Bass" Thompson, but both these Thompsons sure got a family resemblance of idiotic statements.
Read the whole story, it's freaking hilarious. Once again, Jack "Thorn in the ass" Thompson is trying to gain fame only to realize he's been suckered into believing something unreal.