Jack Swagger & DJ Gabriel


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I am liking everything I'm seeing from this Jack Swagger kid. He beat Dreamer last night in an extreme rules match. He seems to be getting better and better. He's a legit wrestler, is solid on the mic, and has a great presence in the ring and out of it. Dude is very talented.

DJ Gabriel is an interesting character as well. Everytime I see him I wonder where Disco Inferno or even better, Alex Wright are at. He seems to be a good worker as well and the gimmick is alright. I'll watch ECW to see those guys at this point.


Sultan of Swat
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I've only seen these two guys a couple of times, and I have to agree with you there pretty good wrestlers, and hopefully they can continue to develop.

Alex Wright is a perfect example, but the difference is that I hated Wright but I dont mind this Gabriel character.

Personally ECW is good for the company, it helps young wrestlers develop, just like Bourne as.