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Jack Kevorkian is out of jail after 8 years


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Jack Kevorkian was just released from an 8 year prison sentence last week. He is now 79 and he still believes very strongly that a person should have the right to have legal access to physician assisted suicide.

He believes that if somebodies quality of life is so low due to diseases or injuries beyond medical help then it should be legal to help them "end their suffering."

Most of the states in the US do not allow this but Oregon does and California is expected to allow it soon. The strange thing is that is a Dr. helps a patient commit suicide in Oregon they are fine, but in cases such as Kevorkian's in Michigan, he just spent 8 years in jail for murder. Seems like such a big contrast in the legal system.

So what do you think? Should euthanasia be legal?


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The legal system in this country is garbage.

But yeah, I believe euthanasia should be legal.


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My problem is, being a religious person and having a life changing event of my own. I believe that if the person is still alive after all of this, then God isn't ready for him to come home yet. But also, how bad of a life is bad enough to kill them.