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Jack in the Box's secret bacon milkshake


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Bacon Milkshake: Jack In The Box Adds Absurd Indulgence To Menu

A Jack In The Box spokesperson told the Huffington Post, "The shake is not listed on our menus in the restaurants, so it’s more of a 'secret item' that people can order. Each restaurant is getting a very limited quantity, so we don’t know how long they will last."
And the nutritional info:

According to the Jack in the Box website, which lists the bacon shake as a beverage rather than a dessert, a "regular" 16 oz bacon shake weighs in at 773 calories and 40 grams and fat. A 24 oz large, meanwhile, add a whopping 1081 calories and 54 grams of fat to your meal.
That's some disguting stuff right there. I don't know how anyone could ever drink that type of milkshake. Look how bad that shit is for you.

Would you ever try it? Also, I'm not talking about a sip or two. I mean, order one, and complete it.


Sally Twit
The thought of that alone makes me gag. I would have no desire to see, taste or smell that. What a ridiculous idea. How can anyone think that would taste nice? It's absolutely bizarre.


It's not me, it's you.
The first person I thought of was Ysabel. I wonder if she would even attempt this.

I wouldn't. I don't like sweets that much to begin with, and especially not wildly flavored ones. I like plain shakes.


I want to throw up just thinking about it. I have a feeling the consistency of this shake will just be like eggnog.

No, I wouldn't drink it.


Son of Liberty
This does not sound appealing at all, it sounds pretty gross. I won't be trying it out.


Registered Member
It's something I might consider trying, just to see what it's like, but I can't guarantee I'd drink the whole thing unless I liked it (but that should go without saying).


yellow 4!
Yeah, I'm going with the general consensus here that it sounds pretty gross. I love bacon but the thought of a salty sweet fatty meaty milkshake makes me feel a bit sick.

I would try it, but definitely no more than a few sips, no.


Well-Known Member
You know, it could work. Bacon pancakes are amazing, and they mix bacon with milk and sugar too, if you add that. So, I see this as being a similar thing, with the sweetness of the milkshake and the saltiness of the bacon. I'd try one, out of interest. Can't deny how unhealthy it is though, although bacon in general just isn't healthy.


Registered Member
Wait, calories are bad? oh....

I reckon Id try it, and I could finish it...not sure if Id like it though. It would probably be a case of finishing out of determination.


Where is my Queen?
I heard about this on the radio yesterday morning and they had one of the DJ's try it. They were hesitant at first but when she actually started drinking it she enjoyed it. I may try, but I am very hesitant because of all the calories it provides.