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Discussion in 'NBA' started by Major, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Major

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    Source: Tom Izzo of Michigan State leaning to taking Cleveland Cavaliers job - ESPN

    Didn't know whether to put this in College Sports or NBA. Either way, it's pretty big news. I always thought Izzo would stay at Michigan State for the rest of his career. And he still might, but I have a feeling he's going to leave if he's putting this much thought into it. He turned the Bulls down right away, so I think if he would do the same for the Cavs if he wasn't going to take the job.

    Even though Michigan State is a Big Ten rival of Ohio State, I would definitely miss seeing Izzo coaching the Spartans.

  2. Millz

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    This is a huge deal. He's one of the best college basketball coaches in history.

    The real question is, is this a sign that LeBron is going to come back to Cleveland? Obviously if Izzo signs its because he's getting more money (He is making lik 3 mill a season at Michigan St) and because they'll be coaching James. Should be interesting to watch.
  3. Jeanie

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    I think this would be a bad move. He's one of the most loved coaches in all of college, basketball or otherwise. He's the Bo Schembechler of basketball. He most likely has a job for life at MSU if he wants it; the same can't be said for NBA coaches.

    I hope he doesn't do it.
  4. Millz

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    Honestly I don't really think it's a good move for Cleveland either. Izzo is a proven college coach but can he handle the pro's? Coach K could but that was in the Olympics. Pitino failed. I don't know, I wonder if James had any say in this.
  5. Major

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    I think Izzo could have some NBA success with the Cavs. Most of success in coaching in the NBA is just having the right players, and he would definitely be able to win with LeBron. He's more than just a good recruiter. His Michigan State teams always play great defense and dominate the boards.
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    I've been following this story for the last four or five days. Izzo has done everything in College Basketball, maybe he wants another challenge and that's try to win in the NBA.

    Personally I don't believe he'll sign there till he knows for sure LeBron is coming back, so it will be around another month till we know for sure if he'll sign with them or not.

    I believe that he'll remain in College Basketball though.

    It's definitely an interesting story to follow though.
  7. BigBob

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    But, if he doesn't win a Championship, it doesn't matter if he has 3-60 win seasons in a row. If there's no Championship, there's no job.

    If LeBron stays, or Izzo thinks he's staying.. I'm sure he'll jump ship but I don't think he should do that to his team. He made the commitment to them, so I think he should no break that commitment.
  8. Babe_Ruth

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    LeBron came out and said he would condone playing under Tom Izzo, which is a good thing for the Cavaliers. I think if James says he'll stay with the Cavaliers then Izzo will jump ship and see if he can have NBA success.

    He's done everything in College Basketball so he doesn't have anything else to prove.

    But with that being said, he'll just commit if Bron commits, if Bron decides to sign with another team then Izzo will be back with the Spartans next season. It's a win/win situation for Izzo in my opinion.
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  9. Major

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    I disagree. Izzo has a lot to lose. He would be leaving a job that he loves and where everybody loves him. He has had a lot of success, but I don't buy into the notion that once you've done everything there's nothing left to prove. Win another championship. It's been ten years since his last one. He would be taking a job where he would be expected to win right away. There would be a lot more pressure on him. And there's a huge difference between coaching college age players and coaching players that make a lot more money than he does. Their attitudes are a lot different. If Izzo doesn't bring a championship to Cleveland, then his professional coaching career would be considered a failure, which might tarnish his reputation.
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    I agree that he could go back and try to win another NCAA Championship, but he's already completed that. He's made it six times into the Final Four since 1999, he's won the Big Ten six times, and won the Big Ten Championship twice. I'm sure you already knew that, but all I'm trying to say that his resume in the NCAA is pretty stacked, so why not take a chance to go into a good situation like the Cavaliers if LeBron comes back? It's not like he would be going to the lowly Nets.

    It might tarnish his career as an NBA coach if he fails, but when it comes to being a College Basketball coach he'll still be known as one of the best. Just take Rick Petino as an example, great College coach, but when it came to being an NBA coach he failed. But his legacy as a coach in the NCAA, his still at a high level.

    If the NBA doesn't work out for Izzo then he could easily go back at teaching young kids the fudementals of basketball. I think he's hungry to try it out and see if he can have success in the NBA like he did in the NCAA.
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