Iverson Shines in Nuggets Loss to Kings


Sultan of Swat
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They have a lot of injuries or suspensions, so they don't have there full team, it was a great game by Iverson. I believe that Iverson is pretty mad that he couldn't lead is new team to victory, but trust me this team is going to get a lot of wins this season, especially when everyone comes back.


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If there wasn't the fight, I am telling you, Huggets could have won this game by miles and this wasn't a good match and Al tried his hard and he failed. But this isn't the end for Nuggets, there is more games to come, they can do better. And 22 points and 10 assists is awsome for a debut.


they will do good this year...and next year will be better...better chemisty..and the return of K-MART!