Iverson demands trade



I don't have a source link at the moment, but turn over to ESPNEWS and you can find under the "BREAKING NEWS" section, it reads:

"Report: Allen Iverson demands trade"

Nevermind; I found the link.



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I knew that he was getting tired and fed up of the direction that the 76ers are going right now. Even though he's getting older and his body is beat up this guy can still play. The 76ers better be smart about this and get something good in value back for him and not a washed up player. If they get young players then can build on youth because they have a few young studs in that team that will be good NBA players in the future. Should be interesting in the next couple of days or weeks to see what's going to happen with this situation. It's funny because every day it seems that something is going wrong with the 76ers club.


That brings a tear to my eye. Being a 76ers fan my entire life, I love Allen Iverson. But my love for him tells me this should have happened because he deserves better. The sixers need to change something and if it means getting rid of Allen, well my loyalty to teams can change.


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I saw this report on this situation on Sportscenter today and he's really ticked off with the Philadelphia organization. He really wants to get out of there as quickly as he can. There's even rumours that he stopped caring and trying because he's so fed up with the team and especially Maurice Cheeks. I dont like the 76ers, but I love Allen Iverson and I hope that he goes to a good team and win a championship because he plays with his heart on his sleeve everytime he steps on on the court for those sixers.


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Oh What??

He can not to that. 76ers need him, he is their best player. Well, it's his decision and I guess he ain't happy with them at the moment.


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I'm not sure how much he's getting paid, but I'm sure it's enough to get the Sixers at least one more decent player. Maybe a younger and better one or another underratted guy.

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actually the 76ers have the 2nd highest payroll in the league (you get ZERO points for guessing the highest :))
AI is making 18 mill and a big of change

I think he has done his time in Philly and given them his best to try and win a title.
They are miles away from one right now.
The only problem with AI putting the heat on management to get it done quick is other teams will low ball them.
Their only hope is that with the league being so wide open for the championship, lots of teams think he's 'the answer' to their title hopes (Pun intended ;))
lots of specualtion out there, it'll come down to the right package.
can't wait to hear more and more rumors...
which site do you find the most reliable for answers?
inquiry minds want to know :D


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Its about time he admitted it all Philly for life stuff, he was just tryna trick himself into believing he had a chance with them. I wonder where he plans on getting traded too, hopefully not a worse situation than he is in now.


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I read an article at the 76ers website saying that AI's most likely done in Pilly. It's really a shame because every time I think of Philly, I think of AI. ohwell....

Interview btwn. ESPN and Ed Snider said:
Has Allen Iverson played his last game for the Philadelphia 76ers?


Edit:So if AI wants to win, why does he want to go to the Celtics? Bulls, Pacers, and Nuggets, I can understand, but Celtics? I must not know something....