iTunes 8

First of all, do you use iTunes?
Second, iTunes just came out with YET another version - iTunes 8. There's a new viewing option [[ grid - i like it MUCH better than that coverflow one ]], and the main new feature is the Genius feature.
You select a song, press the "Genius" button, and iTunes assembles songs that go with that one and creates a playlist for you. I am ecstatic. I am using it right now, and I LOVE it.

What are your opinions on..?
iTunes [[ not iPods or iPhone, just the computer program ]]
The new update
- specifically, the Genius feature


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I use iTUNES, and always have, they pretty much supply my music, it's great, but I haven't downloaded the new one, I want too, but no time


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I honestly haven't noticed much of a difference so far. What are the new features in iTunes 8 worth exploring?


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*downloads* thanks for letting me know will update you when i have installed and had a play with it


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I'm surprised you guys haven't run across the BSOD when using it with Vista. Do any of you have that? Apparently it isn't compatible. I don't use iTunes.