It's worth featured an auction?

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by alapimba, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. alapimba

    alapimba Registered Member

    Give me your opinion based in auctions you have done or maybe in auctions with stuff that you bought.. is it worth make an auction Gallery Featured and pay 19$? it makes your item sell for more money and have more advertising?
    Let me know what you think about this subject.

    I have a few ideas of bizarre things to sell and i want to understand if it's worth invest 19$ ;)


  2. kromsales

    kromsales Registered Member

    Gallery Featured is not worth it. Feature Plus is. If you dont do feature plus your item will be pages back since most others do it.
  3. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    Yeah I always do featured plus...but learn from my mistake and do not check the box...featured I lost money on that....
    Most of my Mystery Auctions were high profile after three days and I believe it is because i bought the featured plus......huh wonder why my recent ones have not been ugggg lol
  4. kromsales

    kromsales Registered Member

    Been there done that!! Ugh what a mess that was!!
  5. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    I almost always do the FP as well...I also made the mistake of checking the FPG box, and after a day of asking eBay why it wasn't showing up in the FP section that I paid for, I realized what I had done and eBay was nice enough to fix it for the ditz!!!! :hmph:
  6. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    hey they didn't fix mine...i am into POPPYCOCK for 43.00 because I hit the wrong feature...then I added the feature I did want...they said sorryyyyyyyyyy when I called them...ugggg (bad words)
  7. fairyquadmother

    fairyquadmother Registered Member

    I think it really depends on what you are trying to sell. On the diaper pin, we decided to go ahead and do the feature in two categories, which doubled our fees of course, so it was around $50 to list that one auction. BUT, it was on pulse within a couple days (back when I didn't even know what the pulse was, I had to google it lol).

    I truly believe, that had we just done a standard listing, it wouldn't have received a fraction of the attention it got.

    NOW, on the other hand, I've listed 2 things on featured myself. One met reserve and I got $255 for it, and the other did not meet reserve at all :( ($39.95 just to cover my expenses)
  8. nani1987

    nani1987 Registered Member

    either way you look at it is expensive. depends how you want to be notice so to speak,the fees are out rageous but if you sell it will be worth it. I go with the feature gallery makes sense and if you list in two catagory the fees hurt they double.
  9. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    I have to disagree...featured Gallery did nothing for me for the price...I don't even know what the heck it is suppose to do...what is it on the front page or something??? I don't know, but Featured Plus works for me!!!
  10. nani1987

    nani1987 Registered Member

    oops I meant the featured plus not gallery ..........oop my
    it don't show nothing...........til the last day if your lucky

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