It's True That The World Will Always Have It's Problems. However...


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The world has always had it's problems. Let's face the fact that it always will.

And if you try to help the world, the world will still have it's issues in spite of it.

However, the world wouldn't be as good as it is if people didn't try to help others in need of help, such as mental health workers/professionals who try and succeed at helping those battling serious mental health issues.

You can't save the world. But the world wouldn't be as good as it is if nobody tried to help others.
Those who seek to help make the world a better place don't always approach the task in an effective way. It is important to know if what you plan to do to help out is really going to help out. People donate clothing every year to poor countries and often it ends up as giant mountains of garbage because it is simply not what is actually needed.