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It's that time of year again - time to find the most ridiculous gift guides


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Gift guides are still a thing and although there are some valuable gems out there, many guides seem to get more ridiculous year after year. This Christmas season does not disappoint! Normally, I chuckle at some silly tech item that is expensive and useless, but a must-have, of course. But, today I was buying groceries on Amazon like any sane adult (what you go to the store?) when I stumbled upon Oprah's Favorite Things.

I'm calling shenanigans on some of the list. To highlight a few I present:

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074P89H77?ref=oft17_B074P89H77_AL_15 Huh, which animal do you think Oprah rocks.

https://www.amazon.com/b?node=17388312011&ref=oft17_17388312011_AL_18 Cheapish sunglasses? Bet, she wears them instead of Dior.

An overpriced "classy" sweatshirt basically. Thank goodness Oprah lets her fans know that it's good for lounging. I was gonna buy it for my wife as work attire.

Perhaps Oprah is just trying to appear more accessible and common, but it screams shilltastic and fake instead. It isn't all bad though. I can see parents and children going for the Patchwork Memory Bear and the Samsung T.V. frame is a clever, if expensive, idea.

Now, I now it's only November 3, but gift guides are popping out earlier and earlier, much like decorations and Christmas music. So, what is the most ridiculous gift guide or gift suggestion you've come across so far? Which ones do you actually like?
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I've honestly never looked at any of Oprah's Favorite Things list before. I only know they exist because Liz Lemon talks about it on 30 Rock. I'm sure she doesn't use these herself. I think you're right - she's trying to be accessible or to at least make the products accessible. I think it's better than the crazy things Gwenyth Paltrow says people should buy on Goop. On her gift guide for Mother's Day, she has a pair of slippers for $650 on there. If you want a laugh: Just-for-You-Mom Gifts | Goop

So you know, if Oprah was writing a gift guide for celebrities, I bet it would look different.