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Its SorD.


New Member
Hello... im SorD.

Im from England, Bristol to be exact. Ive basically joined these forums because my usual one has been BLOCKED in work, and this seems to be one the only ones i have access to. (arent you guys lucky.. ;) )

So... this could possibly be the new place to exert my daily boredom rammblings, saving me from the insanity of the work place! :D

What can i say about myself.. Im 21, My main interests include: Skateboarding, DRINKING, Clubbing, Writting Lyrics...

Anything else you want to know, just ask.

Im sure i'll get to know alot of you...

I take it generally most are from the USA?


what? no pink?
Hi SorD, welcome to the forums!

hope you enjoy looking around and posting :) hope that you feel at home here


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
We have a Kiwi or two lurking around, and we get a few Brits and random Europeans once and a great while. Welcome, we're a good bunch and appreciate the non-American opinions you can bring.


New Member
Thanks for the welcomings, i should be posting a little more regularly now since i just got back from a short holiday...now im back to the grind :rolleyes:

Where are you from then apple?