It's normal!

everyone has something weird about them that is normal for them but probably extremely odd for everyone else.... whats yours?

i personally get bloody noses quite offten, most of which last at least an hour and upwards to four hours.

this could be anything from having a very large big toe to knowing what people are about to do..... chime in! what's weird about you?


The Hierophant
I only breathe about eight times a min. The average for an adult is 12 - 20. And I blink once every few mins.


Ms. Malone
Huge, gross mole on my back that i've had since i was a kid XP

That and fave single freckles dotted about my arms, neck and face.


In need of Entertainment
I have very mild CP, which affects the right side of my body. So I'm slightly physically limited with my right side limbs.


my bologna has a 1st name
i don't know...interesting question/topic
i had to ask the people in my surroundings, cause well if its normal to me than i see it as normal.
the only thing people could come up with is that I do everything with method.
yup, everyone said I am very methodical and loud...i don't know how weird either of them are but ther you go


still nobody's bitch
I have six lumbar vertebrae, most people only have 5. I also have a split uvula - you know the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat. most people have one that looks like a U, mine looks like a 3 (except sideways of course). Oh, and I only have three incisors on the bottom. There's no gap, I just never had a 4th incisor.


living on the border
unless its like 100 degrees out i'm always cold. Supposedly its because I have like no iron in my blood, but even when I take iron pills I'm still wicked cold. I always have to have on some sort of jacket.
I say exactly what I think regardless of the feelings I may hurt.

My fingers are also double jointed, I can bend just the top joint while the rest of the finger remains straight. My middle finger has actually gotten locked in this position before. (you just tried to do it, didn't you?)