I <3 GF Its Been A Minute


Do What Thou Wilt
You know what happens when you google yourself and various usernames youve used?

Memories and feels happen.

Havent been here in nearly 8 years.
Ive completed puberty, graduated high school and college, moved 3 times, and started two careers.

What's up bitches?


Guardian of the Light
Wow! Been a very long time. Welcome back!

I took a several year break from this place. Only returned midway through last year.


Guardian of the Light
Dave, I vaguely remember you.

You dont happen to be a Libertarian, dont you?
I can see how my avatar may make it appear that way!

I like a lot of what libertarians have to say. I am, however, more of a Constitutional conservative. I am socially and economically conservative whereas a libertarian is generally economically conservative and potentially socially liberal in some regards. I disagree with the degree of isolationism most Libertarians support but do support scaling back our presence across the globe (without decreasing military strength)

I believe very strongly in limited government and am a big fan of liberty though.