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~It's about time~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

I came across this little jem while looking for good off-season deals.

Check this out.

Skate Brake long board braking system - NEW - (eBay item 300168580336 end time Nov-11-07 12:53:13 PST)

Man, Where these when I was bombing those MoNsTeR HiLiS in Colorado?

And no rthey don't bring you to a sudden or imedate stop..If they did that the board would stop and you would go "Supermaning" followed by a rag doll face plant and some whiplash and road rash....Ouch ...No the gradually slow you down so you can execute a controlled stop.

Also great for highspeed wobbles, the end of the toe break

So all in all...I WANT ONE !!!! or two or three


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya.

The only boards that have breaks are Mt Boards, cause they use Dirt scooter tires.

This is the invention to beat all skateboarding inventions.

Yes I ordered a set to see how they work and feel. Good thing about the south you can surf the asphalt all year long.


Registered Member
might be cool if I could see it, lol

link sends me to a ad page and doesnt load ebay

cool that you found tose, could have used those and not wrecked your AVS jersey, ans man high speed wobbles suck
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