Italics/Bolds not working.


Mark ov teh Pond
I can't get italics or bolds to work in my blog or signature. They were working in my signature before, don't know what happen. Yes, they work in the preview every time, but never take when created.

Also, my chat spree award thinger is wrong as well. I've been in chat close to one dozen times, at 45 min - 90 minute intervals, and it hasn't jumped from 31%. One night I even monitored it, watched it go from 31% and checked back to see it at 34% (even that had to be low), and now it's automagically back to 31%.

Fiiiiiixxxxx eeeetttt ppplllzzzz.

EDIT: not working in my posts either. Grr. I can't post like this! I can't even use italics in frustration. :(
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