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IT vs Marketing?


New Member
Hi everybody!

I'm interested to see your opinions about the relationship between marketing and IT in companies.

I'm new to my company and it seems like my department doesn't have a close relationship with my marketing department and it's very strange to me how things get done here when people don't talk to one another.

Anybody with similar experience? good bad experiences?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've worked with marketing departments who tell me one thing only to find out the next day that it won't work due to the IT dept not having something set up yet, etc. I think this is pretty standard.

Why else do you think that there are so many websites that are down for days, but their ads are still running? :) People just end up going to a broken page and leave, and the company is wasting their advertising money.


Registered Member
Yeah, I worked in a department that did all the graphics work for the marketing department and they had absolutely nothing to do with the IT department. Usually it was up to me to bring something to the right person's attention since I kind of had my foot in both camps.

I think marketing tends to think of IT as just the "way things get done" instead of seeing them as a partner in promoting the company's products or services. This tends to do a "bad" to each department in the long run.