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IT Training advice


New Member
Hi, I am a new member, and I am looking for advice on ways to keep improving the IT training Series we have at Butte Community College. This is a "boot camp" style sequence of courses taught over a nine month period and includes:
Network +,
The CCNA courses,
The MCSE classes,
And either the MCDBA or Microsoft Security classes
It is a tough curriculum. I know because I went through it to stay current and because I don't want to ask students to do what I can't. If on old guy like me can make it most people could.
The questions I have are:
Are these still the courses that will prepare students to thrive in today's rapidly evolving job market?
Is this Boot Camp motif too compressed for students to adequately learn the material? It does seem that there is an immersion effect that actually makes learning more efficient, but do you think that is enough?

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