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IT tools and programs


New Member
Hi All!
I've done network and computer work for a while but am looking into becoming and IT person for a few local companies.

I would like to know a little more. You don't know what you don't know...you know...

I have a cable tester and tools, but what software and tools would you recomend?

Are there some handy commands to learn?

I have angryIP, and a few other programs. I've learned several things such as using fixed IPs for printers and such because the drivers are assigned to the IPs.

I'm also trying to get the ultravnc streamlined allowing me to administer remotely.

Also I'm familiary with routers and hubs, but I haven't gottern VNC to work trhough a router yet.


Secret Agent
Staff member
What Operating System will you be working with? I'm assuming Windows Server 2000 or 2003?

What are the types of things that you are going to be wanting to do?

As for ultravnc, you can do the same thing depending on what server software these companies are running. As the admin, you can set up remote monitoring of any user connected to the network. You can also set it up so they do not know you are watching. Is that what you are looking to do?


New Member
I'm sure I'm going to have to get into 2000/2003 servers, but I usually only deal with xp/98 networks.
The remote work is only for issues releated functionality and user problem (can find files etc.)
I've had a few that had 2000 server and I moved them to xp networking.