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It REALLY is Friday


Registered Member
Okay so in honor of the GREATEST SONG EVER MADE (haters gunna hate) I have decided to create this wonderful topic where everyone can post what they are doing when it is Friday :O

If you post in the topic when it's not Friday? I don't really know what happens...but it's bad things.... D:

Myself? I will be getting down this friday. It's a mini-birthday party for my friend :p So I shall be getting very very drunk and playing Keprlunk! :D

Oh and this is a birthday gift I made for my friend :p

It is a super cup featuring straw holder and is attached to a coaster for traveling. When you put down your drink the coaster says "MMM Beeeer" in a Homer Simpson voice :)

It cost $4.75 some glue and some tape :p

What're you doing today? :O


How can she fap like that? It seems really uncomfortable.