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IT Pain Points


New Member

I work for a company that creates business intelligence software (i.e. sales & margin analytics, forecasting applications, etc.). Of course the IT department of corporations that use our software must implement and maintain the software.

I am trying to create a questionnaire for marketing purposes that delves into the "pain points" of being an IT professional. What makes IT guys tick? What energizes them? What are their day-to-day frustrations? When someone says, "Hey, implement this software," what goes through the IT guys minds? Who do IT people answer to, and what is that like?

In other words, I'm trying to develop a feel for the occupation, emotions and stresses of IT pros.

Can anyone help me with some questions, comments and insight that will help me to develop a useful questionnaire?



Secret Agent
Staff member
Hmm, well for the most part sitting at a desk and making good money sounds good to most people.

Personally I like the feeling of completing a project and being able to look back on it and be glad that it is done, but also glad that it works properly.

Some questions about what it feels like to accomplish something is like. Some people don't care, but others are very proud of their work. Those are the type that you want working with or for you.

Perfectionism is not a weakness in the IT world. If it's not done right the first time it doesn't save anybody any time. It's worth taking the extra steps to make sure everything is how it should be in the first place, and steer clear of cutting corners.

Hope those are the types of points you are looking for.