IT Manager Involved In Prostitution

It was reported that an IT manager from Deutsche Bank was arrested and charged for prostitution. Teresa Higgins, an IT manager from a London office of Deutsche Bank had run into serious problems with a drug habit and personal issues. During the day, Teresa Higgins would work on an IT helpdesk, but by night she prowled the streets of central London as a prostitute.

Described as a loner, her bosses and colleagues were in total shock over these illegal activities. She was regarded as being a hard working manager but after the arrest for prostitution, Teresa Higgins was dismissed from her job. As a result of this shocking revelation, she has now re-located and moved abroad. There is no doubt that the reputation of her work and of Deutsche Bank may well have suffered.


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Hard to believe that a person working for a major (German?) bank would need to be a prostitute. I guess everyone has their own little secrets, eh? It's kind of how you never know if there's a serial killer living right next door to you.