It amazes me how stupid people are on youtube.


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Here's a few arguments that I've seen on a few videos.

Evalushin can't be true because god made the earth in 6000 years. Science has no evidence for evolution. it is a theory.
It's a theory. Just like gravity. Idiot.

Evolution is wrong. How can something so complicated like the human brain and the human eye not be a product of intelligent design?
People use this defense alot. I find it funny. It's called adapting and evolving over millions of years. Just because the person can't figure out how evolution works they default to intelligent design by a giant invisible being that supports slavery and mass murder.

I know this is one of the less serious ones, but...I...I just don't know what to say about this except:


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Hey I just remembered another one someone said.

Evolution is crap iot has no evidence to support it its just a theory. The bible hasn't been disproven in any way, and 99.999% of fossil evidence is missing from evolution.
[sarcasm]Yeah, the bible is immediately correct, because apparently 99.999% is an actual representation that he studied and figured out because he's a top scientist.[/sarcasm]


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When I viewed some classical pieces on youtube, some of the comments were completely stupid but they probably felt like they were some kind of music experts (which is more irritating - the fact they have no clue how stupid they are).

Or one stupid person argues with another stupid person. :lol:

Same goes for newspapers online where people can leave comments after an article. Some of the comments are just....*facepalm*


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Hey I found another one. This one is particularly annoying because it's just a generalization that this dick thinks is truth.

GospelPete said:
Atheists worship satan. They just don't know it until it's too late.

No, false. Atheists worship nothing. SATANISTS worship satan.

Is it just me or are youtubers getting stupider and stupider every day?