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Issues with Mozilla Firefox and ebay?


Registered Member
OK, I'm sorry for being so much of a pest here, but I have another question.

Are there any known issues with using Mozilla Firefox with ebay? I am a faithful Firefox user, but I still have Internet Explorer, because Firefox sometimes doesn't load plug-ins right.

Well, I think ebay is one of those scenarios. The part where you go to sell an auction doesn't have all the features, and I noticed that the hit counter has stopped at 525 for my Darth Vader pork chop auction, but if I go to Internet Explorer, the counter and all other features work fine.

Do I have some settings in Firefox done wrong or something? It is the latest version of Firefox, version 1.0.1 I think.


Registered Member
I myself have my auction sitting at 43 views yet... I know that people have viewed it since the point of 43 views... I also use Mozilla but refuse to even attempt running my IE... any ideas on this?


Registered Member
Woo HOO!!! Added 5 hits with the refresh button... hehehe... I tried it three times in hopes it would do it again!! hahaha... now only if Mozilla could produce some bids...

There is an update I checked... came out yesterday on the 11th...