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Issues in firefox


Registered Member
Ok so i was told i should make a thread about these and see if others were having the same problems.

Basically in firefox Im having two main issues, Im not actually sure theyre browser specific, but Impact uses chrome and doesnt see the issues that I do, so Im assuming it is a firefox issue.

The first issue is text formatting when replying to threads. I noticed a week or two ago that making a new paragraph wasnt working properly, if I want to do this and/or have a space between lines, I have to manually use the HTML break point tags. Not a major issue, but I dont have to do this in IE or my phones browser (whatever android uses) and as mentioned Impact doesnt do this within chrome. I also sometimes have the issue where things such as quotation marks do not work as intended, for example....

"too short"
from the birthday section recently. Im not sure how widespread this is with regards to affected punctuation, I guess I can run a test if you like....

The next issue is the drop down menu options next to the mail box (search and some settings menu I think)....far easier to describe. They dont drop down, at all. The button works and will take me to settings but I dont get the neat little drop down box that I have seen before.