Issue of Jihad in Islam

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Here I want to talk little about Islamic Jihad. What is meant by Jihad in Islam???

# We see alot of people talkin about Jihad but I believe that few people really know the meaning of Jihad in Islam.

Islamic Jihad is a general concept representing 3 main flags(All pouring finally in Islam):
1) Jihad means fighting people who are trying to invade our lands and kill our people.It means fighting enemies who come to our country and try to take our treasures.I think this is readily understood by all of us."Every country has the right to defend itself". This is clear in international laws.This is the first flag.

2) The second flag of Jihad is fighting the opression all over the world.Fighting the injustice and tyranny whereever.Jihad means trying to save all human rights for all humans.Fighting all kinds of racism and differentiation between people for their color,belongs and religions.If ,we as humans, saw this happening to humans,how can we shut up and never do or say anything for this??? That issue of human rights is a main concept of Islamic Jihad and I think it should be an important issue for all humans.

3)The third flag of Islamic Jihad is a very sensetive one.It's the spread of Islam.A lot of people are really misunderstanding this.
It simply means : 1-Muslim scholars go to different countries to speak to people and tell them about Islam(We,as muslims,think that Islam is an international religion and method suitable for all humans). 2-Some political ruling systems try to stop those muslims and enforce them not to talk to people or to try to spread Islam(This is clearly against most simple human rights). 3-Islamic Jihad trys to stop these oppressive political systems from stopping muslims talking to people. 4-Then,after people are told about Islam,they are completely free to choose what they want to really believe in(after removing the political pressure applied to them). This is the third flag of Islamic Jihad.
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The fake muslim, or "extremisits" have completely stained the true essence of jihad. Jihad has no absolute meaning.

It represents all good accomplishments, and the self defense of your nation, ETC. IT BY NO MEANS SUICIDE. IN ISLAM SUICIDE IN ANY shape or form for any reason results in eternal hell fire.
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