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  1. Graybeard

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    Israel…Why is it so important that we continue our support, unfettered and unchallenged. What benefits do we derive from our support?
    Should the Palestinians have a viable homeland? Does our support of Israel make us a target of radical Islam? What are your thoughts?

  2. Flyhigher

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    Hi, GB, it's nice to see you somewhere other than AWE... I think the United States has paid a dear price for its support of Israel... I think the Palestinian people have suffered enough, and it's time to settle this centuries old dispute...
  3. Jeanie

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    Yes, I think that our support of Israel makes us a target of radical Islam. I'm not saying that it justifies the actions of radical Islamists, but I agree with flyhigher, the Palestinian people have suffered long enough.
  4. Graybeard

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    If one reads Bin Laden’s Fatwa, one of his three statements justifying his Jihad against the West is our support of Israel. Now I’m not saying we should abandon Israel, but I believe the Palestinians have just as much right to the land as the Israelis and not three little autonomous sectors surround by Israel but a contiguous country.
    I believe that would go a long way in improving our relationship with the Arab nations in the region. In my mind, the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is the root of the problems in the entire Middle East.
  5. tipsycatlover

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    As yet no one has explained why the United States should feel that the Jews should die because allah said so. It is not our support of Israel that has made us a target of islamic fanatics. It is an excuse. Notice that this excuse isn't used on the other nations who are also targets of the mad mullahs. The Phillipines, Indonesia, Darfur, there is a long list of nations who do not support Israel but still are targets because they are not islamic countries. We are not an islamic country. That makes us a target. Unless you are willing to get down and bow to mecca five times a day, you are a target.

    If the palestinians want a viable homeland they should go back to where they came from. Modern day "palestinians" are actually, syrian, jordanian, even Yasser Arafat, leader of palestinians was in reality egyptian. The palestinians are no better than any murderous gang. Although, in defense of murderous gangs, they seldom kill their own children to score poltical points. The only thing is, they aren't killing their own kids fast enough. They need to get them before they have a chance to propagate another generation of fantatics.
  6. tipsycatlover

    tipsycatlover Registered Member

    Check your reading comprehension. I said where that would be. There are no modern day "Palestinians". They are expatriates or the children of expatriates from other countries. Most of them were thrown out for trying to start civil wars. Most of them are are from Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Interestingly enough both Jordan and Syria have massive refugee camps of Jordanians and Syrians who lay claim to being Palestinians. More interestingly, these Jordanians and Syrians are not allowed out of these camps and have not been allowed out of these camps for decades because in both cases when allowed into the populations they tried to ignite civil wars. They are kept under armed guard at all times. In what amounts to concentration camps. You don't hear a world outcry about these camps, do you? No. Because Jordan and Syria would laugh in the faces of "the world".

    Yasser Arafat was an EGYPTIAN. There are no Palestinian blood lines. He was thrown out of Egypt and for years hid out in Syria before he saw the opportunity to make a bundle by making Palestinian freedom an issue.
  7. drs10

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    So you're saying we should appease the will of radical muslims and ditch Israel?

    The Palestinian people?!? What about all the dead Israelies at the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah? What about all that lovely land the tiny country of Israel gave up to the Palestinians for the hope of peace? Israel should just wipe them all out; they've been living in fear of terrorism for too long!
  8. tipsycatlover

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    I would appreciate sympathy with the plight of the palestinian people if the so-called palestinian people weren't raised to be a culture of berserkers. How many generations would it take to breed out the inculcated hatred of everyone. It isn't just the Jews, the arabs just use Palestinian hatred for their own ends. Jews and Palestinians lived happily and contentedly side by side for decades until Yasser Arafat came out of exile in Syria and declared the intifada. He set up the madrasses that taught hate to all children, he set up the media that had television stations showing Mickey Mouse as a jihadist killing Jews. All those still exist to this day. No other country allows palestinians to reside within their borders. It was just such destabilization that almost brought civil war to Jordan not long ago. Then Jordan got wise, tossed most out and set up refugee camps that do not allow refugees to leave.

    The generational hate won't go away even if Jews go away. It will just be redirected. If the palestinian people have suffered enough, they should stop killing their own people, hanging them disemboweled from lamp posts and dragging dead bodies of palestinians through the streets. They also might try not killing their own children and stop having mothers begging their children to become martyrs. "Son make me proud, go out and kill yourself".

    They are reprehensible not long suffering.
  9. tipsycatlover

    tipsycatlover Registered Member

    I agree with you. At this point, there is nothing else to be done. Perhaps they can be institutionalized en masse or put on psychotropic drugs to moderate their murderous intent. The palestinian people are not unlike a pack of dogs who have been trained to do nothing but kill. The pupppies can be taken and raised in a caring environment but nothing can be done with the adults except put them down humanely.

    It's sad, but what do we do with psychotics who want to do nothing but murder others? We put them away. We drug them into a stupor. In some cases we put them down. We have a case where there is an entire population raised in psychosis. What is the possibility of cure?
  10. Mecha

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    Because if we were to think about the salient details of the situation, the choice of "support Isreal with weapons/money unconditionally" would be unconscionable.

    On its own merits, I think so. But in the peace building process, it is required.
    Probably. It is a focal point.
    Israel is not without grave actions that are simply undefendable, as far as I understand them. Their recent Lebanon conflict contained huge numbers of things that simply shown in direct terms that Israel cannot be simply trusted to conduct itself in...well...a sane or good manner.
    For example: (off the top of my head)
    Use of cluster bombs
    Bombing UN encampment
    Blockading French relief efforts
    Blowing random shit up, and only starting upon Hezbollah when they were pressured to start leaving.

    In addition, Israel investigating itself has uncovered many problems that led to the incursion into Lebanon (look that up on your own). Corruption of the Defense minister and/or subordinates, essentially. Its been too long since I read about it, but whatever.

    There's also the whole US and Isreal formenting civil war in Palestinian government, but I'll assume they have some sort of good reason for that. For now.

    Summing up: I don't trust Israel a bit. They are not above doing "kick the arab" campaigns. It bothers me deeply the US lobbying by fundies to not even so much as critique Israel in any way...


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