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Isn't that sweet?


Here's the story:

According to Sara Hallager, a bird biologist at the National Zoo; “All baby birds, when they’re born, the first thing they see, which is usually the same species, is what they imprint on.”

So how did this duckling duo end up thinking a dog was their parent? It turns out it wasn’t part of the original plan when Frances Marsh, 25, and her family bought two two-day-old ducklings at a local garden center near their home in Atlantic Beach, N.C.

Yogi, the family’s 5-year-old corgi, was in the car that day and was instantly fascinated by the family’s purchase.

“They were in a little box. He just leaned his head over and licked them,” Marsh said.

Ever since, the ducklings, Biggie and ‘Pac, have chosen to follow Yogi, as if he were their mother.

I totally fainted because of sweetness and cuteness and I wonder if you've ever heard/read about similar stories.


Son of Liberty
We had ducks when I was younger. And a semi-similar thing happened to us. There were a few eggs that werent totally hatching properly so My mom took them into the house and had them in a box there.

I guess she sorta helped 'em out with hatching and after that the ducks that survived that followed her around like crazy. They still socialized with the other ducks, But they were more pronounced when my mom went around them than any of the other ducks ever showed.


That's so sweet and cute Bex!! :D

An old tortoise and a baby hippo... just wow!