Islanders' Simon suspended indefinitely

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Mar 9, 2007.

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    Well, this was shocking to see happen, a baseball swing high into Hollweg. Although Hollweg isn't exactly the cleanest player in the NHL, it was still bad to watch, and obviously he should be suspended for somewhere around the remainder of the season.
  3. Turbo

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    Hollweg hit Simon clean. Yes Hollweg can get nasty at times but the hit was clean. Had Simon swung a few inches lower he would have broke Hollweg's windpipe. Guys like Simon and Jansen of the Devils are bad for this game. I hope someone decides to press assault charges on Simon.
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    Okay correct me if im wrong but to see these kinds of plays over the last little while has never really happened ever twice in the same year has it? Well I can't remember something like it but anyway I think this is the perfect example of a just plain attempt to kill basically. Not an attempt to injure if he wanted to do that he could have done something like Janssen did to Kaberle but this was just a cheap shot and an attempt to kill without question. Betman , Here's your chance to save your job and make yourself look good in the process so many a high quality butcher shop will take you in when you get fired , Get rid of Simon for good. Set an example and say that the NHL is not going to put up with this bull anymore. Make it so that teams will not get guys basically to do this. Halloway might not be the cleanest player but he does his job. He is an enforcer. He is the guy that hits the star players but he don't try to kill them. Simon you don't deserve to be in the NHL and I hope to God that he is tried and spends some time in prision to pay for his actions.

    Take for example what Simon could have done. He could have dropped the gloves and settle things like men do. A good old fasion fight that would really spark up the crowd. Now that would be the smart thing to do but instead he goes and does this. What a load of bull. How dumb can you be at all. Like honestly. Are you trying to get banned from the game? That is what they should do I mean for a person to do this is just not acceptable. Would you like to be the person that got hit Simon? Would you like to be on the team of that player and now have to deal with the loss of that guy and have to control their hatred for you? No you don't and I hope they never let you back into the game. I mean this kinda stuff is exactly what turns fans against the sport of hockey. They see sh!t like that and then they deem hockey unacceptable to watch and ban their children the next generation of fans from watching the games.

    Take for example today I was playing ball hockey against a bunch of 12th graders. Now im only in grade 9 and im only around 5'11 and 165 pounds so I aint anything big like them or anything but I was getting hit around by this one guy and it was in front of about 100 people or so and then I started to play rough against him. What did we do when we both got sick of playing like we were? We got into a small fist fight that lasted about a minute. I mean we both got kicked out of the game but atleast we settled it the right way and not do some sh!t like Simon did. Think about that a 14 year old has more sense in hockey than a seasoned vet in the NHL. That would really make ya think.
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    When I first saw the highlight of this hit, I was like damn he has to get suspended for the rest of the season for this, and if he makes the playoffs then he has to miss those as well. I am really surprise that Simon did this because he's a fighter, you would expect him to drop the gloves and fight Hollweg, but no he swung his stick at his face. Hollweg is really lucky that he didn't get hurt, and lets hope that Bettman doesn't take that into factor, because Simon had intent to hurt.

    But guys don't be surprise if he doesn't get suspended for a lot of games, and if it wasn't for the media saying "Oh he should get suspended for the rest of the season" then he wouldn't get a lot of games in my mind. But Bettman needs to send a message, and I believe that he'll get suspended for the rest of the year.

    I believe that Bettman should make a new rule saying that if you guys do something like this again then you get suspended for 50 games automatically, so it makes people think a little before they act. But you can also argue that he wasn't thinking he just went on instinct.

    If something like this happen in the NBA, then it would be big big news, but because it's the NHL it's not has big, because the NHL is known to be a rough sport, and something like this is bound to happen.

    Also you got to remember that in the Maurice Richard days players use to this all the time, you'd be surprise that if it didn't happen.

    Also Bettman must be pretty ticked off that it happened on the three year anniversary of Steve Moore incident.
  6. andrew_bishop

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    Yeah well Betman dough himself into a deep hole anyway. He should have given Janssen more than 3 games and that would have sent the message to Simon and all those other guys out there that nothing like this will be tolerated at all and you'll have to pay a price if you want to do something like this. I mean I saw the hit and it was good and clean but then Simon just snapped and did that. I guess you could say he got caught up in the spirit of the moment but I don't. I say that he snapped because he can not control his temper and is that the kind of guy we want in the NHL. A guy that can not control his temper and one that will do these kids of things? I don't know about you but I don't want him in an NHL uniform anymore and that goes for anybody who does this kinda crap.

    They need to take into factor that they are hurting not only the other guy but themselves and the game of hockey itself. Think about it really , The player obv gets hurt with hanus acts of pure violence like this and the player who did it gets hurt because a lot more teams will re-consider taking them onto their team due to his history and he'll have to live with the guilt of what he did and then the game of hockey suffers big time because of the fact that if we have this kind of publicity and not the good kind like a player reaching a big milestone or something. It's not what the game needs especially since we are going through a pivital stage of development in the game with the new rules and so quick after the lockout. We can't have hits like this ruining the game completly for the good decent players left in the league.

    With talks out of so many towns about the market being less popular due to the decline in the action of the game and with so many teams considering movement players like this just can not be in the NHL. They can not be out there just basically attacking players for a lack of a better term just trying to injure team's stars. We need to get rid of cheap players like Simon and Janssen who take it upon themselves to give the NHL a bad name and when people talk of the NHL they won't talk about Janssen and Simon they will talk about the good players and talk about how they are not playing like they usually do when in actual fact they might be playing some of the best hockey we have ever seen.
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    Well the Simon hearing was held recently, don't know how that went. I would say a suspension for the rest of the year and playoffs would be the best bet for now. It was obviously cheap. As for the fighting thing, I doubt Hollweg would have fought Simon, Hollweg is a punching bag and Simon is one of the toughest in the NHL.
  8. Turbo

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    The latest on Simon, unofficially, is suspension for the remainder of the season and 7 playoff games. If this becomes the official decision I'm gonna be highly insulted. If Simon would have swung an inch higher Hollweg could have been blinded; an inch lower and Hollweg could have been dead.

    The Long Island DA is looking into it as a possible criminal case, which it should be. This was clearly assault and with the right wording attempted manslaughter.

    We all know Hockey is a rough sport but when guys like Jansen and Simon pull shit like this its bad for the sport. These guys and others like them don't need a stick to play because they don't shoot and rarely play the puck. They aren't enforcers, they are Hitmen with only one idea....HURT ANY OPPOSITION PLAYER POSSIBLE.

    Simon should have been arrested immediately and thrown the book at him.
  9. andrew_bishop

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    Well I agree I think that he should have been dealt with by the police. I mean what's the difference between a guy attacking you with a baseball bat or a hockey stick. The basic fact is that you were attacked and that's wrong. I mean like it was mentioned if he had hit an inch higher or lower it would have been to late and I really think Simon would have gotten a big law sentence. Before this hit I had a lot of respect for the guy. He was a guy that I came to think was a brawler and he defined the word "enforcer" however after all of this I realize what a giant hitman he really is. This is nothing more than an assult with a weapon and last time I checked thats illegal. I mean come on , Im not saying that Simon should have done nothing but he should not have done what he did. It was hanus and if he wants to swing a stick at something let him take up baseball or golf and not put the NHL through all of this bull sh!t. It's jerks like Simon that really take the next generation of fans and make it seem like hockey's bad to play and the kids don't get a chance to see what hockey is really like and if they did then the NHL wouldn't be at the crossroad that its at. It'd be a bigger market with the future to look forward to while now we just have a hope that hockey don't die out in the states.
  10. Kazmarov

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    The suspension should extend beyond the season and playoffs to include investigation and a possible trial. Sorta like Marc Bell: I don't think people should be playing while in the midst of felony investigations.

    In cases like this where the rink is being used to commit a blatant felonious crime, I'm not at all against a five-year suspension, or explusion from the NHL and its affiliate. Every time this continues to happen the NHL gets bad rep and it happens again later. They should really put their foot down to prevent any further possibilites of criminal hockey acts.

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