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    I just like to gear your views about Islam and Muslims.
    And theirs some things i want to point out

    1. Jihad in the Quran is said to be the war within yourself, which is the war between good deeds and bad deeds basically.

    2.All these terrorists are freaking extremists and think by killing Gods own creations their pleasing Him.

    3. Also in the Quran it says whichever religion you are, or even if you dint have a religion, and you do good deeds you'll be accepted in His eyes.

    4. In Islam they believe God is merciful and if you go to hell eventually you'll get out but their are two unforgivable crimes 1.)Killing your self(your destroying the gift God gave you..Life) 2.)Killing someone(It is excused if it is used as self defense.

  2. Yeah I know if you actually take time to read the Koran, or Quran, it goes either way, then you will wonder what in the hell these fantatical Muslim groups are doing, same thing does apply to fanatical Christians though.
  3. cooldude

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    they aren't really fantatics...they are hijackers. just like most people do now a days they do things to advance their own agendas. islam is a religion of peace.
  4. That is what we call fanatics, they take their beliefs, but take them to an extreme manner.
  5. cooldude

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    They don't believe. There is a difference between believing and "believing". Believe is when you believe it in your heart, and "believe" is when you do lip service to it. The "fanatics" don't believe.
  6. Fanatics DO believe, and fanatics do believe in their heart, just not in the way you do, otherwise they would not kill themselves for their beliefs.
  7. cooldude

    cooldude Guest

    They don't. They have an agenda and that is war. You think Bin Laden is the one blowing himself up. No he is getting young depressed kids who have lost all hope in the world. God knows best, but they may have even lost hope in their religion. They have no fear, and want to die. They also want to take their enemies down with them. If they were such "fanatical" muslims they would know that sucide is against islam no matter what, and instead of going to heaven, you will be doomed to hell. That is how I know they are not fanatics!
  8. Again, no, a fanatics agenda is not always war, and regardless if their agenda is war that does not mean they do not believe. They have NOT lost hope in their religion, you are talking to someone working on a degree in Psychology...I tend to have to study this type of behavior. They in fact have hope, hope that they will please God by what they are doing, in order to achieve something great in the afterlife. There are fanatical Muslims just like there are Christians, they have a warped view compared to what others do, but that most certinaly does not mean they do not believe in God/Allah/Jesus, etc.
  9. cooldude

    cooldude Guest

    And you are talking to an actual muslim, who has told you that these people are not of the teachings of islam, no matter how much they say they are. If they were so fanatical why do they ignore its prime teachings of no sucide and killing of innocent civilians?
  10. You are talking to an actual Christian who knows that what fanatical Christians believe is not the same that Jesus taught, regardless of that they do believe in what they do, and believe they are doing right. The same applies to Muslims, they interpret it differently then you do, when you open your eyes and see that not everyone will worship the same way then you can realize this. Regardless of how they worship it does not mean they do not believe, they have different views, and interpret what is written down differently.

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