ISLAM cannot be defeated

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yukon, Apr 17, 2007.

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    For the sake of argument a war has been declared by al-Qaeda and other Islamists. Let us suppose that thousands of “terrorist” attacks carried out in Islam’s name during the past decades form part of this war and that conflicts that have spread to 50 countries and more, taking the lives of millions in what Osama bin Laden has called “conducting jihad for the sake of Allah”.

    If such war is under way, there are ten good reasons why, as things stand, Islam will not be defeated in it. Read the 10 factors at:

    Remember as the Saudi “scholar” Suleiman al-Omar declared in June 2004: “Islam is advancing according to a steady plan. America will be destroyed.” As things stand, given the ten factors, he is more likely to be proved right than wrong.

    What say ye??????????

  2. Duke1985

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    Islam is a religion and unless we see another crusades it won't be stomped out of existance, even then you can't defeat an idea. Religion at its heart is simply an idea.

    Terrorism is idea, a thing, not a person or a country you can wage war with.
    Even if every terrorist living today was killed, its an idea that will still exist and just wait for some other nutjob to get it in his head that he needs to blow some shit up.

    The war on terror is much like the war on drugs, you can make strides of progress but you can't truely win.

    IMO the only way you can really combat terrorism is just being constantly vigilant, when you get wind of it try and shut it down before it happens, but even then a few will still slip by.
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    I have asked you nicely not to respond to my Threads or Posts. Please at least attempt to respect my request.

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    You do not have the option of deciding who responds to your posts. If you're uncomfortable with the responses you've been getting, I suggest you learn to deal with it or leave.

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    You know though, this is one thing that interests me regarding the war on terror. Because, as the article said, people deny the fact that Islam is expanding, and its doing so via paramilitary means- aka terrorism. But this isn't the first time that the world has delt with terrorism. We defeated it before. That rock bed of terrorism was in fact Nazi Germany. True, they had an effective military, but it wasn't just there military. The Nazis would send in there propaganda mechanism before invading, and they woud contract many locals on there side prior to an invasion. Also, in the United States, and many other western countries, Hitler's ideology became accepted. This of course, was before the world truly realized what the true result of those ideologies were. In part, one of the reasons America didn't declare war on Nzi Germany, was firstly our stance of netrality, but there were Americans all the way up to high levels of government, who initially wondered if Hitler was right. But, ultimately we know that Nazism was defeated, and crushed into a mere remnant. Once America, and indeed Europe, wake up, and face the facts, Radical Islam will have a hard enemy on its hands. As this article states, this war isn't just a killing war, it is in fact a war for the hearts and minds of everyday people. Through media, and through confusion, and fear, is how the terrorists want to achieve there victory. The west should wake up out of its deep coma, or we will be crushed I fear.
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    I understand that I do not have the option of deciding who responds to my posts/thread. I was simply asking Mr Duke not to respond. If he chooses to disregard my request so be it.

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    the problem is you can't fight ideas by conventional means, as I've stated Islam is more or less an idea.
    I'll use your example of WW2.
    We still have Nazis, they are still out there today. They aren't an army, they are idealists. We crushed their armies but the idea remains. Unfortunatly this isn't one of those things you can just stamp out by throwing people and bullets at it.
    I don't claim to know the solution, just the problem.
  8. Time Lord

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    The problem is that Islam is a very repressive religion. If you ain't Muslim, you ain't shit. That's why it was stupid for George Bush to think that a democracy could be set up in Iraq. Islam, which is based on a pecking order and suppression of free thought, is diametrically opposed to democracy, which is based on equal rights and representation for all.

    The only way to defeat jihadists is not with bullets as the right wants, nor with sitting down and talking it out, like the left does. What one needs to do is cut off their funding. No money, no weapons. They become a paper tiger.

    Only problem is, our "allies" like Saudi Arabia are funding them clandestinely. And of course we'll do nothing about that.

    Just remember, most of the 9-11 hijackers weren't from Iraq, or Iran, or Palestine or whatever. They were from Saudi Arabia.

    What we really need is to find alternative, renewable fuel sources. Then we wouldn't give a rat's ass what happens in the Middle East.

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