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ISIS Release Video Featuring British Hostage


Free Spirit
Staff member
A new video released by ISIS this afternoon shows Cantile, who was originally kidnapped in 2012, only be recused by Free Syrian Army fighters, admitted to being a prisoner at the hands of ISIS, though seemingly willingly spouted ISIS propaganda to camera whilst wearing a Guantanamo Bay style orange jump suit.

BREAKING: ISIS Release 'Chat-Show' Style Video Starring British Hostage John Cantlie
I have a feeling there is someone close by with a gun on him. When he said other European countries negotiated with ISIS and got their people released what he should have said they paid ransom. Further funding more killing.

I couldn't get the video in the article to play but here it is in case you can't either. I guess there will be more videos like this released featuring this guy.

This is not a beheading video.

Message from British Detainee John Cantlie: 'Lend Me Your Ears' - YouTube