Is your job stressful?


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Is your job stressful? Being in web design I have to deal with a wide variety of people. Often times people are friendly but every once in a while I get to work with people who either A) don't pay invoices on time, B) expect me to go to the moon and back as a "oh btw can you add this too" or C) are just rude in general. Of course it's especially stressful when the economy is down.

It's always nice to work with customers who are friendly and understanding of the work they are asking for, but at times it can be stressful. So how about your job? Is it typically stressful? Do you enjoy it?
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My job can be stressful at times, I'm a Real Estate agent, but I just started so I dont currently have any clients. But when one house isn't selling then it gets stressful especially if I have deadlines. I am sure as time goes by the job will only get more stresful when I get more clients.

But I love it.


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My job can be very stressful at times, especailly because i have deadlines to meet, and if my team isn't doing well ... i have to look into the problem of why and then try and solve it! Also dealing with account, if there is a error made, i have to try and figue it out :(


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My job only gets stressful when colleagues are on holiday.

The work piles up very quickly and sometimes I feel I have too much to do, which generally leaves me knackered and stressed.

Most of my clients are friendly and pleasant. Some I know on a personal level, though there are a couple who I don't get on with and some even piss me off.

So yes my job can be stressful but on the whole it's tolerable.


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My first real job was in Admin with the local council, if it was any more laid-back it would be classed as a paid holiday. The next job was pretty much the same thing, but with the Army. When I could hide, it was good, but when in the Lions Den [H.Q with all the Officers,] I was belittled every day [Not all day every day, but stages when cornered by an Officer or non-commissioned Officer.] I'd spend the day day dreaming about going to lunch, having a smoke-break or going home.

I trained as a Hotel Manager, I hated it especially when we had government officials and their likes stay. I'd piss them off deliberately. The job did come with perks and laughs though, but yes, it was stressful.

I planted trees for a living, I earned over £1000 per weeks for that, walking out in the Hills and Mountains every day, lifting huge weights, more that twice what some of the other people could [lol], it was a laugh and very relaxing. It was far from stressful, apart from getting up in the morning... that was a killer.

I've had many jobs in-between. Most of them were only as stressful as I let them be, but the main job I've had on and off for most of my life was as a Fisherman. Working to a deadline in that job is pretty stressful, but the real stress was working in a storm. Your adrenaline takes over, but you think of how many waves you go through, and each wave you think "Is this the one that will sink the boat?" I am talking about waves so high, you can't see over them, or they make it so that one minute the wall is the deck, and the deck is the wall. I could sit here at my PC for 9 hours and think about this and that, but at sea, in a storm, you can have that many thoughts and more in less than and hour because your body and mind work so fast. You don't feel the stress when you reach safety, but at the time, it's about as stressful as you can get.

Due to health, I am not working just now, and I won't be within the next 8 weeks either. A lack of work can also have its stresses, though you'd think the opposite would be the case.


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i only have a part time job, but i feel that it is very stressful. i have deadlines to meet and if i dont meet them, well then it dosnt go down too well with my boss, obviously. in general i think my job can be stressful. some of the customers are nice and understand that you cant do everything under the sun. other ones are so rude and dont understand how stressful your job can be. i had a very rude customer today, and he put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day!


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Im a full-time student apparently. The week before the end of each term is usually quite stressful as you rush towards deadlines. Other than that its a stress free existence.

Even when I was in FT employment I rarely if ever stressed with the actual work, sometimes financial situations got the better of me (late invoices:(, demanding bills:sick:, complex taxes:mad:).


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My job can be very stressful but we try to have as much fun as possible. Luckily when we are all feeling the strain we get our heads down and try and get through it so that we can chill later on. Any job that is target driven is stressful I think.


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My job can be stressful at times,i do a lot of signs for corporate office's,but only being the fitter i dont see the job until im on site and unwrapping it,so when its wrong or scratched we are the one's who get the backlash from whoever ordered it,and most of the time they will not or can not understand that we are seeing these mistakes for the first time as well.

I dont mind being had a go at for something that i have done,but when they are going off at you for something you knew nothing about does get my temper rising!.

A good example of this happened last monday,we turned up at site,unwrapped an engraved brass plate in front of the manager,and the thing was wrecked,deep scratches all the way through the enamel inlays,and this guy starts going off on us,like we had just done it,even though it was delivered to site the week before by coriour,but being in front of him we get the full force of anger for the plate being messed up.
That can be stressfull as we still have to be polite in the face of someone calling us all kinds of unpleasant things,there have been times where i have walked out before my temper got the better of me and i said something that i would regret,or worse!.


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Yes because I'm the only one doing it. I used to be in a big team but they were all made redundant and kept me on to clear up all the mess and keep taking calls until I'm not needed anymore. In January they are moving me into a different department but I'll also have to do my old job if any problems crop up before we were taken over.