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Is your IE dead? This might be why.


Yes, IE sucks, but it's handy to keep around in case you have to access a Microsoft site and your other browsers aren't displaying it properly. Today I went to check on something on the web and noticed that IE was dead. It just kicked up the message that it encountered and error I could either shut it down or have it search the net for a solution. This wasn't the usual crash screen that you can close and keep working. Anyhow, the problem was with last nights Windows Updates (surprise surprise) and the update you need to u ininstall is KB4038777. This is done from Control Panel -> Programs and Features in the View Installed Updates section. Right click on the update you want to uninstall and click Uninstall.


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Most websites don't bother to optimize for IE. I assume if they are not displayed properly on the popular browsers, it will be worse on IE. Still, Microsoft needs to pay attention to their updates. It brings more problem than it fixes things; certainly not only limited to IE.