Is Your Country 'Under Control'?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by English-Emo-Boy, Nov 27, 2008.

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    The Uk is falling apart. Recent published figures show that gun/knife crime is on the up but sentences for these crimes is being reduced.

    The Government seems to be doing little to tackle the problems of youth and gang violance and crime.

    There's been a number of high profile murder and abuse cases flying around at the moment and it just seems that the media has a stronger hold and influence than the Goverment and Governing bodies.

    The economy is taking a kickin' as well as the number of business and Post offices closing around us.

    With the credit crunch really starting to hit the nation it just seems like everything is out of control.

    Do you feel your Government has everything under control or is anarchy the order of the day?

  2. pro2A

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    I don't think the government has everything under control. It's really not their place to get involved in private enterprise. As we have seen lately it only makes things much worse.
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    Compared with most of the world? Absolutely. We're prosperous, secure, and you can set your watch by our peaceful transitions of power. Things aren't looking so hot at the moment due to flaw in the markets that should have been eliminated via appropriate regulation, but overall things are about as under control as they get.
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  4. Porky

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    Here in New Zealand, things are a mess.

    We have had a general election recently and we have moved from left wing politics to right wing.

    I do not agree with the right wing politics in this country to some degree. Tax breaks for the wealthy, tougher penalties on crime, religion in school etc... all those things right wing politics is.


    I'd like to say however, about crime in this country, more particularly the penalties... it is really messed up. Perhaps I take that back about being against tougher penalties but I can't understand why after all this time loads of people have gotten away with serious crime like murder etc... and it has taken an outcry to get things changed recently? Stupid.

    The prisons are overcrowded here. I have also read in the papers people are committing crime just so they can go back! It must be like staying at some kind of fancy hotel in these prisons in this country!

    There have been more murders here than ever before. With an ever increasing population and the explosion of the drug P... a meth drug things have gotten out of control. It is really organised crime that is responsible for this. Another thing I can't understand is why loads of money and man power is being poured in to fighting the drug weed when P is having a more powerful impact on society. I feel the police here are getting their priorities wrong.


    At this present time, tax breaks is the worse thing a government can do. Unfortunately due to the economic crisis this is why it is a bad thing for a government to do.

    It works like this... cut taxes and people will have more money to spend and therefore it will go in to the economy. It is called voodoo economics... it just simply doesn't work under these conditions. Government should be either keeping the rate of tax the same or increasing it so more money is coming in to help pay for services such as health and education for the public. I also believe in saving money for rainy days such as this.


    Right wingers are famous for their religion. The main thing about this touchy subject is how it should not be forced upon people. I understand it is being re-introduced in to public schools here in this country. Thats fine, but children and parents should have a choice as to whether they, the children, choose to learn about it.

    I would like to, one day, go to a country like Switzerland which has no military, which is some would describe a utopia, which has a high literacy rate and seems to have everything going for it.

    We could learn something from these countries I feel.

    Finally, I would like to tell you guys that I am drunk. :lick:
  5. Kazmarov

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    America's definitely in a rough spot economically (and still very much polarized politically), but our crime rates are relatively stable. We're not quite as stable as our Western counterparts in many regards, but that's a complex issue involving both easily changeable things and more essential aspects.

    And of course, to be perfectly 'under control' is not really a utopia in itself.

    The British educational system badly need a rehaul but it's been delayed for ages. That and the economy means a lot of kids (and adults) that are going to turn to crime for one reason or another. Greece is having similar problems with teenage riots- mostly because state control of schools is a) badly done, underfunded, and corrupt and b) not rewarding for the students- they still can barely find jobs or higher education.
  6. Bananas

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    Im intrigued to know what makes you think it badly needs a rehaul and what this rehaul should be?
  7. micfranklin

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    Our economy is in shambles, people are losing their jobs but despite these our country is more stable and "under control" than say, Somalia.
  8. aZoeg

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    uhm yeah, i think we have a great country.
    and if we talk money, no problem at all..

    tax: up to 59% in denmark - a bit high, you could call it :S

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